About Clear-Con, LLC

Clear-Con, LLC was started in 2001 by Tommy Davis. The company's first projects were for the Departments of Transportation in various states, as well as for residential and commercial developments. Soon thereafter, Clear-Con began clearing Right of Way (ROW) projects for power transmission lines, and gas transmission lines. We have grown from a humble 5 pieces of equipment in the beginning to over 75 today.

During our busiest years, Clear-Con completes around 100 projects. In fact, during the ten years since our beginning, we have completed over 550 projects.

Clear-Con has completed multiple projects in Florida, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, North Carolina and Virginia. Owner, Tommy Davis, and some of our key personnel, have completed projects in Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, West Virginia, Mississippi, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Maryland and Arkansas. Clear-Con is a licensed general contractor in Louisiana, (one of the few states requiring a license for clearing). We are also an approved subcontractor in numerous other states.

Some of our most impressive projects include:

  • The clearing phase on the first design-build project ever for the North Carolina Department of Transportation; The Knightdale By-Pass in Wake County (NC). This project was completed in 2003.
  • The clearing and demolition phases on the Western Wake Freeway for Raleigh-Durham Roadbuilders (RDR), a joint venture of Archer Western and Granite Construction. The design-build project is the largest contract ever awarded by the North Carolina Department of Transportation. The schedule for completion on this project is extremely aggressive. Obviously, the clearing phase is the first to be completed and has a direct impact on the schedule for every phase on the project. We are very proud to have been chosen as RDR’s clearing subcontractor and also proud of what this says about Clear-Con’s proven track record of helping clients meet or exceed their critical deadlines.
In just the first half of 2010, Clear-Con will have completed over 100 miles of right of way clearing in four states: Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina . Eighty of these miles have been rights of way for natural gas transmission lines, in three different states with three different owners. One of these projects is under Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and two under non-FERC guidelines.

We are land clearing specialists and look forward to using our extensive experience to make sure your project is completed in a timely manner and to your satisfaction.